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Reprisal (2006)

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With the collected Prophet Five documentation at hand, APO spreads out across the globe to take photos of the different Prophet Five members. Once they gather the photos and information at the office, they decide to make the arrests simultaneously to avoid tipping the rest of the members off, including Sloane. Jack tasks Marshall to track all their activities so they can coordinate an arrest.

Sloane talks to Sark and Peyton and proposes that they solidify their position in Prophet Five so they would be less expendable. In spite of Peyton's initial hesitation, she agrees.

Tom visits Rachel in her apartment. She consoles him in his sadness and he leans in to kiss her. When Rachel goes in the kitchen, Tom leaves. Rachel is abducted by Sark. Around the same time Marshall is abducted from his home and is brought to Sloane's hideout. With Peyton, Sloane asks Marshall to hack into the government system and locate an underground cavern by accessing the federal ground-penetrating satellite. When Marshall refuses, Peyton tortures him; elsewhere, Sark tortures Rachel.

Sydney and Jack visit Carrie, Marshall's wife, who called them for support in finding Marshall. When Sydney reveals to her that Marshall is still working for the CIA, Carrie volunteers to help and provide technical support in Marshall's absence. As soon as Carrie arrives in the APO office, she cracks the password for Marshall's program to track Prophet Five members .

Sloane confronts Sydney in the parking lot as she is carrying Isabelle. Sloane tells her to talk to Marshall, who is determined to not give in. Sydney then tells Marshall to do what Sloane says and asks what he wants to tell Carrie. He asks Sydney to tell Carrie to finish reading the book "The Littlest Fish" to their son.

Marshall tells Rachel that he needs her help in doing Sloane's bidding. To ease Rachel's confusion, Marshall tells her that he had spoken to Sydney. Marshall suggests that they leapfrog across the network so they would not get caught in their hacks. With an understanding that Marshall actually wants to get caught, they begin to work on their laptop. Later, Rachel locates the cave that Sloane wanted in central Italy.

Vaughn relays Marshall's message to Carrie, where Carrie figures out that the lead character in "The Littlest Fish" is named Noah. She concludes that Marshall must be referring to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - something that Marshall must be hacking currently. Carrie sets up trip wires to monitor government hacks and pinpoint Marshal's location. She finds Marshall deliberately triggering network security protocols. She narrows his location down to Ixtapa and Jack sends a rescue team.

In the basement, Rachel picks her handcuffs with an underwire and with Marshall, they escape the guard who was sent to kill them. Followed by other guards, they run through a corridor in time to be rescued by APO.

At the APO office, Carrie reports to Jack that based on Marshall's tracker, The Twelve seem to be gathering in Zurich. Jack assumes that Sloane must be presenting the information that Marshall and Rachel uncovered and assembles strike team. Retrieving information at Sloane's safehouse, Rachel mentions that Sloane is going to Umbria. Sydney realizes that he must be going to Mount Subasio.

Sydney and Vaughn travel to Mount Subasio and Sydney rappels into an icy underground cavern, where she finds Sloane with the Rambaldi amulet. When Sydney holds him at gunpoint, Sloane says that a shot will trigger a cave in. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Sark sets a timer for a planted bomb.

At the APO office, Tom reports that based on the files in Sloane's hideout, bombs are being planted around the APO office through the subway system. Jack tells them to clear the office while Tom and Dixon sweep the tunnels for the bomb. Marshall and Rachel are tasked to evacuate civilians. Later, Tom finds the bomb and reports that it can't be dismantled because of the fail-safe components. He suggests freezing the timer with liquid nitrogen to extend the countdown.

Peyton goes to Zurich and meets with The Twelve. Standing in the middle of the room and expected to present the amulet, Peyton opens the briefcase and pulls out two semi-automatic weapons. She kills all the members of The Twelve and their bodyguards.

With the last of the civilians cleared out of the tunnel, Jack tells Tom to get out of the train and run to safety. Instead, Tom asks to be patched to Rachel. He tells Rachel that if they had more time, he would have asked her out. Rachel tearfully replies that she would have said yes. The bomb detonates, destroying APO headquarters and killing Grace.

Sloane holds the amulet against the light. He tells Sydney she is not allowed to see it and he shoots the icy ground she is standing on. Syd falls through and is rendered unconscious.
International titles

  • Czech: Odveta
  • French: Le dernier élément
  • German: Vergeltung


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