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Just Harried (2001)

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The episode opens with Grams, Prue and Phoebe putting a floral arch in place for Piper and Leo’s wedding. Prue and Phoebe tease Grams about her multiple marriages. Piper comes in and approves of their decorations, but comments on her mother’s absence. The Elders will not allow Patty to come down for her daughter’s wedding. Phoebe takes Prue to bed, and Grams reminds Piper that Halliwell women keep their names before disappearing. The scene cuts to Prue asleep in bed and then to her dream. Prue is in a biker bar and is winning at pool. When she tries to collect from one of the bikers, he attempts to take advantage of her. An attractive man, T.J., helps Prue get her payment, and Prue kisses him before walking out of the bar. Outside the bar, the biker tries to get his money back, but Prue knocks him unconscious, she then reluctantly astral projects out. Piper wakes up on her wedding day to her bed covered with rose petals, courtesy of Leo, and is thoroughly happy. Phoebe and Prue join her, but Prue ruins the happy mood when she recounts the previous nights’ dream. Piper is momentarily upset; however, Phoebe and Prue remind her that she should be happy on her wedding day and shouldn’t worry. Meanwhile, at the bar from Prue’s dream, the police have a crime scene and the biker is lying dead outside. A cop questions T.J. before going inside and watching the security tape that shows Prue’s altercation with the biker. Prue finds Phoebe in the attic with Melinda Warren’s blessing cup that will be Piper’s something old. Phoebe breaks the news to Prue that Cole will be attending the wedding. They run downstairs and Piper screams; Leo has orbed in and she thinks it’s bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day. Leo wants to wear his Whitelighter Robes for the ceremony, but Phoebe tells him he’ll wear something more “traditional.” Victor arrives just as Prue has a dizzy spell, because of her dream. Before more questions can be asked Phoebe hurries Leo and Victor to the basement to change. Phoebe confronts Prue about whether something’s wrong, but Prue convinces her everything is fine, they must stay strong for Piper. Prue goes to take a nap and her dream occurs in the same biker bar. T.J. tells Prue she shouldn’t have returned, and then tries to help her escape on his motorcycle. She reveals her name to T.J. just as the police handcuff her. The scene then cuts between Phoebe waking up Prue and the biker bar with Prue eventually astral projecting from the squad car. Prue tells Phoebe about her arrest, and Phoebe suggests that it’s really happening against Prue’s will, like premonitions. They head to the attic to check the Book of Shadows, but Piper finds them and corners them. Phoebe lies and says they are searching for her something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Cole shimmers in with a gift after running away from a demon, and promises to keep the manor safe. Leo and Victor are having a discussion about witches and Whitelighters. Victor laments about Patty and Sam, but then concedes that he wouldn’t mind having a Whitelighter son-in-law. Cole enters. Upstairs in the attic, Phoebe and Prue find no magical solution about Prue’s dreams, but vow to keep it together until after the wedding “For Piper.” Patty appears in Piper’s room while she’s preparing for the wedding. After a happy greeting, Patty tells Piper she always knew Piper would be the first of the girls to marry; she is the heart of the family. Phoebe and Prue come in, and Patty greets them telling Prue that she has been a great protector of the family and apologizing to Phoebe about never being there for her. The next scene is downstairs, where everyone is ready for the wedding, but Piper and Patty are not in the room. The doorbell rings and it’s Darryl, he warns Prue that the cops are looking for her. Phoebe, Prue and Darryl agree to go through with the wedding before trying to solve the problem. They all take their places, but Grams instructs Victor to move for Patty. Patty and Victor exchange short words, but Grams silences them. As the wedding is beginning, T.J. breaks through the front door of the manor on his motorcycle. Against her will, Prue astral projects and astral Prue jumps on the cycle. Phoebe calls after Prue, while Piper storms away and calls off the wedding. Phoebe and Leo both try to stop Piper from leaving and calling off the wedding, but Piper is adamant and storms out. In the living room, Victor places Prue’s body on the couch. Patty explains that they can’t wake Prue up, because a part of her wanted to escape. Grams leaves, because the wedding is off. Victor has his doubts about the wedding, but Leo refuses to give up. Darryl is paged away, and promises to update everyone on the situation with Prue. Phoebe tells everyone that she knows Prue is innocent, and the murder accusation is a mistake. Leo takes charge and sends Patty and Victor after Piper, Phoebe to the Book, and himself and Cole to the biker bar. The two men arrive in the bar and walk around, Cole tries to sense the true killers in the crowd. Patty and Victor find Piper at an empty P3. Patty instructs Victor to remain quiet, because he could never say the right things when the girls were younger. Piper has convinced herself that a marriage to Leo is not meant to be, and that Halliwell women aren’t meant to be lucky in love. Victor tells Piper that the happiest time of his life was when he and Patty were married. Piper walks away, citing that she needs to be alone. Patty congratulates Victor on being helpful. In the attic Phoebe finds a spell. T.J. and Prue are hiding in a park and T.J. wonders how Prue got away from the cop car. They discuss how long Prue will be around for, because she’s been astral projecting away every night. They kiss, but Prue breaks it. She runs, obviously Phoebe’s spell has found her. She astral projects away and is still screaming when she returns to the manor, next to her body. Phoebe admonishes Prue for being irresponsible, but the astral Prue reminds her that it’s Prue’s job to be responsible. Phoebe tells Prue that she’s allowed to have fun, it doesn’t have to come down to magic. Prue also admits that she’s jealous of Phoebe and Cole. Prue returns to her body and is preparing to fix the wedding when the lights go out and the cops break in to arrest her. Prue is in the police station getting her mug shot taken. In the biker bar, Leo and Darryl approach Cole and tell him that Prue has been arrested for murder. Cole takes them outside the bar, where he believes the killer is. Cole approaches the other biker Prue was playing pool with and questions him. The biker attacks Cole, but Cole pushes him against the wall and turns into Belthazor. This scares the biker and Cole tells Darryl the biker’s ready to talk At the manor everyone is working to restore the wedding by flashlight, and Leo worries why Prue and Piper haven’t returned home yet. Grams reappears to get Patty, she can only stay till midnight, but Phoebe interjects because they still have five minutes. Prue and Darryl show up, but it’s apparent Leo’s still looking for Piper who shows up moments later. They begin to reset the wedding, and Victor offers to be best man. Grams uses her magic to provide music, and with his Whitelighter powers Leo provides light. Grams performs a Wiccan hand-binding ceremony. Just as the clock is striking 12, Grams pronounces them man and wife and Piper and Leo kiss.


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Whole or part of the information contained in this card come from the Wikipedia article "Charmed (season 3)", licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here.