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Outlawz (1992)

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Outlawz, formally known as Outlaw Immortalz, is an American hip hop group founded by Tupac Shakur in late 1995 after Shakur's release from prison. Collectively, they are probably best known for appearing in the video "Hit 'Em Up", in a diss track aimed at Biggie Smalls and other New York rappers.


In the earlier years of the Outlawz they were known as Dramacydal. Dramacydal first appeared on Tupac Shakur's 1993 single Holler If Ya Hear Me, they were on the track "Flex". Dramacydal was composed of K-Dog who later became Kastro, Young Hollywood who later became Yaki Kadafi, Mutah or Mu who later became Napoleon, and Big Malki who later became E.D.I. Mean. They also appeared on 2Pac's Me Against The World and All Eyez on Me albums. They were also known as "Thoro Headz" and "Young Thugz".

When 2Pac signed to Death Row upon his release from prison, he recruited his step brother Mopreme Shakur and Big Syke from Thug Life. Hussein Fatal, Napoleon, E.D.I. Mean, Kastro, Yaki Kadafi, and Storm were also added, and together they formed the original lineup of the Outlaw Immortalz that debuted on 2Pac's multi-platinum smash All Eyez on Me. They later dropped the immortal after the untimely deaths of 2Pac and Yaki Kadafi and moved on as Outlawz without the members of Thug Life. Young Noble was later added and appeared on 2Pac's second Death Row release The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. It was on 2Pac's Makaveli album that Outlawz first came to the greater rap community's notice, appearing on a few songs.

The idea behind the group was for each member to have a rap name coinciding with the names of various tyrants or enemies of America, past and present. Outlawz chose in later years to make a backronym out of the letters of their group name Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriorz although it does not stand for the groups name and is used infrequently.

All together, there were 10 Original Members of the Outlawz, including Tupac:

  • Tupac Shakur was the leader of the group, and gave himself the title of Makaveli after the Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, whose writings inspired Shakur in prison.
  • Yaki Kadafi, also known as Young Hollywood, was given the name Yaki Kadafi after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. He was also Shakur's godbrother and an original member of Dramacydal.
  • Kastro, also known as K-Dog, was given the alias Kastro after Cuban leader Fidel Castro. He is also blood cousin of Shakur and an original member of Dramacydal.
  • E.D.I. Mean, also known as Big Malcolm, was given the alias E.D.I. Mean after Ugandan president Idi Amin and was also an original member of Dramacydal.
  • Hussein Fatal, introduced to 2Pac by childhood friend Yaki Kadafi. Given alias after former leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein. Hussein left the group after the tragic killings of Pac and Yak. He felt that the remaining group members were going against Tupac's wishes by signing contracts with Death Row. He recently returned on an Outlawz mixtape.
  • Napoleon, childhood friend of Kadafi, was given the name Napoleon after French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte and was also an original member of Dramacydal. Left the group to be a Muslim motivational speaker.
  • Big Syke, who was in 2Pac's first group Thug Life, joined the Outlawz under the alias Mussolini after Italian leader Benito Mussolini.
  • Mopreme Shakur, 2Pac's stepbrother, who was in 2Pac's first group Thug Life, joined the Outlawz under the alias Komani after the Iranian political figure Ruhollah Khomeini.
  • Storm, The only female member of the group, she met Tupac during the shooting of a film. After he found out how well she could rap, he immediately signed her on the spot and added her to the group, which later became known as The Outlaw Immortalz. Storm was to be Tupac's solo artist. She was introduced on the multiplatinum selling album All Eyez on Me.
  • Young Noble, the final member of the group to be signed as the last official Outlaw member by Tupac himself. He was introduced to Tupac by Kadafi and Hussein Fatal in Los Angeles, a few months before his death. He appeared in many of 2Pac's last recordings, and featured heavily on 2Pac's last album and the now legendary The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. He was always known as Young Noble and was never given an alias from Tupac.

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Name Duration Released
Pushin On 04:25 13/09/2011
New Years 04:14 13/09/2011
Paranoid 04:23 13/09/2011
Dont Wait 04:34 13/09/2011
Pay Off 03:26 13/09/2011
Borrowed Time 03:46 13/09/2011
Fast Lane 03:45 13/09/2011
Remember Me 03:27 13/09/2011
Keep It Lit 04:36 13/09/2011
100 MPH 04:04 13/09/2011
Perfect Timing 04:15 13/09/2011
So Clean 03:57 13/09/2011
Intro - Change Gon Come 01:42 13/09/2011
Once in a Lifetime 03:55 13/09/2011
Tell Me Sumthin Good 03:44 13/09/2011
All the Time 03:55 13/09/2011
Back Again 03:02 14/07/2011
Late Night Shift 04:59 14/07/2011
Cocaine 04:41 14/07/2011
2Pac Back 04:50 14/07/2011
Blow My High 04:33 14/07/2011
Dedication 03:38 14/07/2011
O4L 03:21 14/07/2011
Tha Corner 03:53 14/07/2011
Pimp C 04:23 14/07/2011
Bounce 04:30 14/07/2011
One Way 04:42 14/07/2011
Outlaw Culture 04:02 14/07/2011
Spirit of an Outlaw 04:35 14/07/2011
We Here Now 04:36 31/10/2010
Killuminat 2K10 04:36 31/10/2010
She Fresh 04:21 31/10/2010
Bring It Back 04:08 31/10/2010
I Can't Complain 03:37 31/10/2010
Seen It All 04:06 31/10/2010
Immortals 04:56 31/10/2010
Most of My Life 05:00 31/10/2010
Great Grandaddy Kush 03:43 31/10/2010
It Ain't Over 04:16 31/10/2010
Do It Right 03:46 31/10/2010
Gotta Get It 05:06 31/10/2010
Kush Dreams 05:02 31/10/2010
Reach for the Sky 03:28 31/10/2010
Count My Blessings 04:22 31/10/2010
Dream Big 05:07 31/10/2010
They Wanna Know 04:20 31/10/2010
Feel Good To Ya 04:12 31/10/2010
From the Bottom 03:14 31/10/2010
Never See Tomorrow 03:55 31/10/2010
Facedown 04:43 31/10/2010
Better Than Ever 04:52 31/10/2010
Cooley High 04:20 31/10/2010
Fillmoe Slim 02:47 31/10/2010
Failure Ain't an Option 03:16 05/08/2008
Take It Off 03:31 05/08/2008
Everything Happenz 4 a Reason 04:02 05/08/2008
I Can't Lie 04:51 05/08/2008
We Want In 03:58 05/08/2008
Do It Like That 03:25 05/08/2008
My Life 03:58 05/08/2008
I'm Mister 04:43 05/08/2008
Thuggin Till I Die 05:10 05/08/2008
Love of Money 04:30 05/08/2008
Hunger Pains 04:28 05/08/2008
It's My Turn 04:14 05/08/2008
Big Ballin 04:13 19/04/2005
Don't Get It Fucked Up 04:03 19/04/2005
Celebrate 03:31 19/04/2005
I Dare U 03:15 19/04/2005
Can't Turn Back 04:09 19/04/2005
Smiling Faces 03:15 19/04/2005
Real Talk 03:49 19/04/2005
Ghetto Gospel Pt. 2 04:47 19/04/2005
Losing My Mind 03:53 19/04/2005
These Are the Times 04:46 19/04/2005
Listen 2 Me 03:53 19/04/2005
If You Want 2 04:18 19/04/2005
Interlude 00:21 19/04/2005
Let It Burn 04:34 19/04/2005
Better It Get 04:11 19/04/2005
They Don't Understand 04:10 19/04/2005
Sarred Vows 05:24 19/04/2005
Move Somethin' 03:44 22/10/2002
Pleasure of Sin 04:40 22/10/2002
What Side U On? 06:18 22/10/2002
Why? 05:07 22/10/2002
Gatz Up 04:48 22/10/2002
Black Diamond 02:59 22/10/2002
Intro 00:21 22/10/2002
Us 05:28 22/10/2002
Not Real 04:26 22/10/2002
Outro 01:32 22/10/2002
Stick 2 the Plan 03:30 22/10/2002
Lost and Turned Out 05:28 22/10/2002
Playtime 04:26 22/10/2002
Blessings 04:57 22/10/2002
Everything Is Alright 04:15 22/10/2002
Desperation 04:04 22/10/2002




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